About Us

Robert G. Wilmers

Inspired recognition.

Founded in 2019, the annual Robert G. Wilmers Integrity Prize supports individuals working in the United States who demonstrate exceptional integrity through their actions and advocacy. With integrity in leadership and service to community at the forefront of our search, each year we honor an individual striving to better our world in a different field.

Our Values

Being dedicated to principles without compromise.
Always anchoring actions with core beliefs and having the courage to do so even if it means going against the grain.

Thinking independently.
Disregarding outside pressures, trusting your vision and solving problems based on what you’ve learned, observed and considered for yourself.

Enriching communities sustainably.
Really knowing your community, listening to and addressing its needs with your work in a way that fosters growth.

Doing the right thing.
Even if it’s the most difficult choice, even if no one’s looking, you remain committed to doing what you think is morally right.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

Elisabeth Roche Wilmers (Chair)

H. Rodgin Cohen, co-founder

Camille de Wouters

Diane Eshleman

Maureen Jerome, co-founder

René Jones, co-founder

Hans Morris

Allison Sagraves

Diana Taylor

Selection Committee

H. Rodgin Cohen

Senior chairman of Sullivan & Cromwell

Diane Eshleman

Founder of Belgrave Court Consulting

Will Frears

Director of the Mercury Store in Gowanus, Brooklyn

Maureen Jerome

President of ARTLIFEdesign, LLC

René Jones

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of M&T

Yo-Yo Ma

Renowned cellist whose career is a testament to his enduring belief in culture’s power to generate trust and understanding

Charles John O’Byrne

Executive vice president for policy at Related Companies in New York

Max Kenner

Founder and Director of Bard Prison Initiative

Lundy Ramos Perez

Founder and CEO of Khesed Wellness

Kevin Sullivan

Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist, best-selling author, and senior correspondent and associate editor for the Washington Post

Jennifer Trainer Thompson

Author, filmmaker, and Executive Director of the Wilmers Integrity Prize

Elisabeth Roche Wilmers

Philanthropist and widow of the late Robert G. Wilmers

Camille de Wouters

Paris-based marketing expert and stepdaughter of the late Robert G. Wilmers

Marion Friedman Young

Executive Director of the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University

Advisory Board

André Bernard

Vice president and secretary of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

Glenn Kaplan

Brand builder and former creative director of Barnes & Noble

Yvonne Minor-Ragan

CEO of Y.M. Ragan Consulting and former president of Buffalo Promise Neighborhood

Evelyn Rodstein

Executive coach and former managing director of leadership at JPMorgan Chase, Bankers Trust, and KPMG

Executive Director

Jennifer Trainer Thompson, co-founder